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Morris Inn with and without third floor

Consider the building we now call the Morris Inn, as it appeared about 1865, when the village of Morris had not yet been incorporated and was referred to as Louisville. It had only two floors. All the buildings to the west of it were made of wood. On Sept. 8, 1883 one of the buildings caught fire and the whole row was swept away.

Ken Cooke thought this may have been taken about 1861.

Carl J. Smith

Mr. Smith was a very active member in the Morris community.

1973 Feb 13, The First National Bank of Morris merges with Wilber National Bank

The statement of condition of the First National Bank of Morris in 1972 stated that the bank was in its "seventy-ninth year." In 1973 the merger was announced bringing the run of the Morris bank up to 80 years. This was a larger newspaper ad running 8.5 x 14 inches. Clipping and Statement of Condition supplied by Mary Valentine. Click Read More below to see the 1972 statement of condition. They warn that it is only a partial list -- but they leave off "Business Loans," as a category. Seems like they would have wanted to push that.

1965 Wellman Block on Main St, next to the bank

We have Joyce Foote to thank for this photograph of the Wellman Block on Main St in Morris. The building was razed about 1965 to make way for an automatic telephone exchange. Clippings shared by Mary Valentine.

A discussion of the photos captured on FB can be viewed in the .txt file linked below.


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